Actor, comedian, mime, variety artist and clown.

He is an international artist who has performed in all five continents presenting his pantomimic and clown works, like is character Dolly Bomba in the shows Brainstorming and Fuori Porta.

In Italy he works as an actor with several backgrounds: improvisation, youth theatre and comedy in collaboration with various troupes.

Regarding the comedies he shows his own works:
Complesso di Edipo in Tour (winner of the first prize at the Comedy Festival in Eboli in 2012, winner of the Comedy Oscar in Forano in 2014, show also recorded for the Radio show Ottovolante on Radio Rai 2).
• In 2014 he produces in new show ScherziAMO, chi nasce per gioco non può che vivere in allegria! Directed by Max Giusti
• In 2015 he debuts with RADICAL GREZZO, Provincialotto a Km 0!

ON TV he participates to the comedy show Ci Pensa Fotticchia on Agoon Channel an in the TV show Eccezionale Veramente broadcasted by La7.

In 2015 he wrotes his first book Piacere Provincialotto for Giaconi Editore.

He creates and directs the web Web-TV-Live project MARCHE TUBE, Conoscere le Marche senza Capirci un Tube!






International Show

by Piero Massimo Macchini & Francesco Niccolini
with Piero Massimo Macchini.

This show has been staged in the most important Festival of Street Theatre in Italy and Abroad (Argentina, South Korea, Morocco, Germany, Spain, Romania).

Interpretations are countless, theatrical criticism and scientific research question themselfs without finding an univocal answer, sociologist debates: what’s hidden behind the word “brainstorming”?
Is it maybe the story of a child boy who has been struck by lightning and turned himself into a multiform and delighted frankenstein junior? Or it is the younger brother of Arturo Brachetti?
Or, again, a cartoon escaped from the drawner’s hand?
Might it be a puppet that, free from its threads, gets crazy by the happyness of wearing all the other puppies dresses? Or maybe a night-dj that choosing wide-ranging records all the time, he ended up to turn the music into real live characters? Nobody knows, and, nowadays, all the answers are possible. The only certain things is that, for fourty minutes, a thread line will bring on stage, all together and all as protagonist, some of the big stars of the music world, shows and arts, in a kaleidoscope of forms and colours, sour and comics, funky and rock, coaxing and clipping, all together, as together its shows up newborn babies, painters, actors, singers, cartoons characters, from Marylin Monroe to Elvis Presley, from Bob Marley to Michael Jackson,from Superman to the last beautiful Miss Italia. It is really unaccountable how this all might happen, a very enjoyable mysterious. The only well-known truth is that Pier Massimo Macchini, the “Brainstorming “
protagonist, lives in Fermo in Dante Zeppilli rd., exactly fifty steps away from the one that, until 1996, was the Psychiatric Hospital of the city, and it is inside this one, that a young Pier Massimo, moved his first steps towards the triumph of fantasy.


GENRE Street theatre, comic transformation, visual comedy, clowning
DURATION 50 minutes(shorter version available)
PLACE OF EVENT Squares, arenas, evocative places

PLAY TIME morning – afternoon - evening
SET UP 1 hour
AUDIENCE mix public (adults and children)
LANGUAGE Italian, English, Deutch and French
SCENOGRAPHY required stage 7x7x4 hight minimum
ELECTRICITY REQUIRED 220A 16A cee or Italian domestic sockets in the places shown on the
stage plan
AUDIO REQUIRED good sound system with 2 cannon enter in mixer
SPECIAL REQUEST Covered place behind the stage required